Laser-Engraved Crystal Award

If you want to make an award that is incredibly eye-catching, laser-engraving may be the perfect choice. This process uses lasers to produce sharp designs at affordable prices. However, lasers can create uneven patterns and are difficult to use for 3D designs. However, if you need a unique award that’s sure to be noticed, laser-engraved crystal may be the way to go.

Optic crystal

If you are looking to present a crystal award to a special client, you can find laser-engraved awards that are both visually appealing and functional. These engravable awards are a great way to show your gratitude for a job well done. The recipient will feel like they’re the star of the show when they receive the award, thanks to the high-quality engraving. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, these awards come packaged in a beautiful padded velour-lined presentation box.

These awards are the perfect choice for business awards, corporate awards, and sports recognition. They are designed with exquisite detail and the perfect size to fit any recipient. They are also very functional, and can be packaged and distributed in a very professional way.

3D laser technology

The technology of laser-engraved crystal awards uses 3D laser technology to create impressive 3D designs on the crystal. The laser focuses on a small area on a crystal, causing a tiny fracture to appear. This allows the laser to etch the design inside the crystal without damaging the outer surface. This process is known as 3D laser engraving, and it produces unique 3D crystal awards, recognition tokens, and corporate gifts. Laser engraving creates images that look as if they’re floating inside of the crystal.

Using 3D laser technology, the engraving process produces an impressive three-dimensional frosty design on a 3D crystal. This laser engraving process has a number of advantages, and the benefits are endless.

3D subsurface engraving

3D subsurface engraving allows for vivid detail to be etched inside your award or gift. With this method, you can engrave any image, from logos to full-size images of people and machinery. The resulting engraving is completely accurate, with no errors in size or alignment. The process also allows for original designs that cannot be achieved with traditional engraving methods Laser-Engraved Crystal Award.

3D subsurface engraving uses a lens to focus the laser beam. This allows for the highest quality engraving. The process uses a laser beam that is high enough in energy to create a tiny fracture in the crystal. The out-of-focus light is insignificant in comparison to the laser energy, and does not have an effect on the surface. German-made laser systems ensure the highest quality engraving. This process produces an image by forming hundreds of thousands of tiny fractures, which are visible to the naked eye during normal lighting conditions.


Laser-engraved crystal awards are highly customizable. The engraving area can be inscribed with virtually any type of image, from a company logo to an organic figure or geometric design. The engraved area is perfectly aligned with the crystal block, giving it a “wow” effect. Even if the award is made of glass, it still looks as if it was made from crystal.

The process is also quick and simple, requiring little preparation and set-up. However, the final results can sometimes be less than perfect. Moreover, laser engraving requires a flat surface and adequate clearance for the mirror assembly.

Affordable prices

Laser-engraved crystal awards offer a unique way to commemorate achievements, awards, and special occasions. The engraving process is fast and requires minimal preparation. The engraving area must be flat and free from any obstructions. The engraving area also needs to be large enough to accommodate the mirror assembly. These crystal awards are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Crystal awards are an ideal way to recognize employees. They’re durable and aesthetically pleasing, and will show your appreciation for hard work. Unlike plastic awards, crystal is a hundred percent natural material. They are also available in stunning 3D designs.